Polish Documentation

Polish is your writing in the margins and highlighting the good bits. Polish lets you strike what doesn't fit, and make a task for something you are going to work on.

Polish is here to ensure you have the final say on yourself.

Polish Tooltip

{warning} If you are working with an expert (a counselor, coach, therapist or consultant) or organization/institution who is also using our software, then they will be able to see your entries. You and the expert will be able to make comments back and forth on your Polish entries.

Activating or Deactivating Polish

When you open and read any Report, Polish is automatically activated.

Polish Active

You will see that yellow Polish icon at the top left of your Report menu (right above your name).

Click that yellow icon to open your Polish Control Panel.

Polish Control Panel

From here you can turn Polish on or off with a simple toggle.

Using the Polish Tooltip

Polish Tooltip

When you select any text within your Report, you will see a little tooltip pop up above the center of your selected text.

Highlight What Matters Most

When you see a part of your report that speaks to you, and feels like it is MOST you, use the Highlight tool.

Polish Highlight

Strike The Parts That Don't Fit

Use the Strike tool to cross out the parts that do not match you, or you don't feel they represent who you are.

Polish Strikethrough

Make A Task For Reaching Your Goals

Often when reading your Reports, you may think 'OK, I'm gonna work on that one.' We've made it considerably easier to keep track of those times with the Task tool. Simple select the text that represents your Goal, and it will be saved in your Polish Journal ready to track.

Polish Task

Leave A Simple Comment

If you see a part of your Report that you want to leave a comment on, without defining it as 'You' or 'Not You', simply select the Comment tool and leave your comment.

Polish Comment

Commenting On Entries

On each tool you use from above (Highlight, Strike, Task, and Comment) - you can write a comment inside the tooltip popup, and submit that comment along with your Entry.

You can also add comments to Entries after they've been submitted, by using the Polish Sidebar on the right.

Commenting on an Entry in the Polish Tooltip

Reading & Replying to Entries

You can easily review and reply to all entries posted on the Report Chapter you are currently viewing, inside the Polish Sidebar on the right.

Polish Sidebar

Easily reply to any Entry in the Polish Sidebar by clicking Reply at the bottom of the Entry.

Polish Add Reply

Once you've written your reply, click 'Post Comment' and your comment will be saved and attached to that entry, in that Report Chapter.

Polish Sidebar Commenting on Entry

Deleting Entries

If you wish to delete an Entry from your Report Chapter, you can click the Settings/Gear icon on the lower right of any Entry, and reveal an Entry control menu.

Polish Sidebar Entry Settings

If you click the Gear, it will display a Delete Entry button. Simply delete the entry and it, and all of its comments, will be gone for good!

Polish Delete Entry

What is Archive

Sometimes, when we update a Report Chapter, content can either be deleted completely, or shifted around in such a way that it makes it impossible for Polish to know where your Entry was in the Chapter anymore.

Since we don't want you to lose anything, your Entry is moved from Published Entries, to Archived Entries.

Viewing the Archive

Viewing the Polish Archive is simple! You toggle 'Show Archived' and you will see all Entries, including your Archived entries.

Polish Show Archived